Thursday, July 2, 2009

What Goes Up DVD Consumer Reviews

Since its DVD debut on June 16, What Goes Up is continuing to find a foothold as fans and friends demonstrate their support of a film that some critics correctly said "marches to the beat of its own drum." So the Insider Team thought it might be fun to take time out and let consumer reviews on sites like Amazon, Internet Movie Database, and Netflix to talk about the film.

The producers have said, all along, that the reviews they were most interest in would be those left by the people who purchased the film. Highlighted below are a variety of the reviews canvassed since the films DVD release...


“The director lands us where we need to be. But along the way, we are on ground which is just as unsettled as the characters who turn to ridiculous methods to lessen the pain of losing someone they loved in their lives. If you're willing to walk this unsettled ground, it's well worth the ride. The performances are outstanding, especially Steve Coogan and Olivia Thirlby. If, on the other hand, you need to be spoon-fed or for your plots to be singular and instantly identifiable, you will probably hate it. You kind of have to give in to it and then the doors open and the characters and the overall tone of the film resonates. It WILL make you laugh and cry.” — Dirk Diggler “painkiller”

“What Goes Up is a film that far exceeded my expectations for any new upcoming Hilary Duff films. She beautifully plays a character that seems to be searching for something to fill a gap that has been placed in her life by the death of someone she and her friends loved and worshipped. This movie seems to leave the Hollywood mold behind (very thankfully!) and shows us just how realistic life is, and how it's not perfect at all like most movies would try to make it seem. The other actors are fantastic as well, especially Olivia Thirlby and Steve Coogan.” — R. Bible Jr. “funny man”

“I think the writers did a fine job with this story and the concept of what makes a hero or maybe whether all of our heroes really aren't heroic after all. There were a few places that could have been tighter, but this film was never meant to be perfect, and for that I am glad. Kudos to Jonathan Glatzer on a uniquely different film. I love it.” — Ouija

Internet Movie Database

“What makes the movie special, are the beautiful moments that are scattered about the storyline and you can't help but be touched by them and feel for the characters involved! These moments come in bursts and they are funny and sad and plainly disturbing at times, but mostly – altogether Ironic...” — abhijitbond

“I don't often go for this genre of American drama (sorry, but I generally prefer European drama), but I do like Steve Coogan so thought I would give this film a go. Within 10 minutes I was hooked and embroiled into this little world that is so different and at times uncomfortable.” — jools_69

“At first, I wasn't sure where it was going... Up, down or just sideways. But soon, I realized the filmmakers were creating a world that resembled reality far more than almost any movie I've seen in that there are collisions between events, intentions, characters, loves, hates ...and the whole stew can be hysterically funny, odd, disturbing, heartbreaking and then funny all over again. In this way, I have to give the film enormous credit and gratitude that it does not try to be like every other movie. It does not talk down to its audience.” — CliffordBridigan


“A really nuanced and likably all over the place coming of age tale for teens and adults alike. It brilliantly captures the insular wisdom and solipsistic cliquishness of a group of believably damaged outsiders who haven't the faintest clue of life on Earth beyond the "truth" of their own emotional landscapes.” — SW 1655753

“I thought this was a pretty good movie. Kind of dark but funny at times as well. Worth the time.” — MaxWebster

“Peck and Thirlby both give excellent performances as sad and confused teens mixed up in all the choas. Hilary Duff actually does a pretty good job. Coogan is hard to watch at some moments because of some of the decisions he makes throughout. This movie is better than I thought it would be because of the small roles and how sincere they were and how they put it all out there.” — Obesetrackstar

The next scheduled Sony release of What Goes Up will be in Australia on August 5. You can find a sneak peak of the new cover design for the Australian release at Hilary News. The Image above is a snap shot of an electronic proof of cover released in the United States.


  1. cool, but when will be this in poland?

  2. Really great review at Very smart.

  3. saw the movie in the theaters and now on dvd. the one in the theaters i thought was a lot better.

    also the dvd back cover has a picture of olivia looking at a digital camera! this is supposed to take place in the 1980s!!! so sloppy and dumb.

    why is this? did sony just not care?

  4. Beachboy,

    So glad you took the time to see both. The theatrical version is tighter.

    We cannot speak for Sony; but we think they chose a behind the scenes shot because it was a better picture of Olivia. Usually, Olivia was hard at work to maintain her depressed character image by drawing dark images.

    All our best,
    The Insider Team

  5. i'm still waiting for a miracle to take the movie to spain :(