Monday, June 29, 2009

Electrelane Finds Buzz From What Goes Up

Electrelane might be on hiatus, but the British all-girl alternative rock band recently experienced a resurgance in interest as a feature performer on the What Goes Up soundtrack. Even on iTunes, songs from the soundtrack have experienced periodic surges in popularity.

Since their 2007 appearance at the Anti-Trafficking Alliance at the Barfly in London, an event the band organized, the band has maintained a low profile. Even at their final event, Electrelane choose to DJ in lieu of performing, officially making their last performance as a band December 2007 in their hometown, Brighton, England.

Today, their eclectic sound had a definite impact in setting the tone for What Goes Up. In some ways it fits, as Electrelane was sometimes thought of musical misfits. Perhaps they were just ahead of their time.

Influenced by a wide range of bands Neu!, Stereolab, Sonic Youth, and the Velvet Underground, Electrelane’s unique sound earned them international attention and set the stage for the inclusion of their music in new mediums.

For What Goes Up, the band contributed four tracks to the movie’s soundtrack: Blue Straggler, Two for Joy, Cut and Run, and You Make Me Weak at the Knees. Each of the songs are featured on other Electrelane albums, capturing their artistic progression over the years.

Blue Straggler, featured on their first album, Rock it to the Moon released in 1991, enhanced the atmospheric feel prevalent throughout What Goes Up. With the 1986 shuttle launch as a background to the film, this instrumental space-rock track inadvertently reminds the audience of the looming launch.

Axes released in 2005, the third of their albums, featured Two for Joy. With an intro that feels like you are at a funeral, and with What Goes Up it is likely that you are, Two for Joy takes the audience from the funeral like progression and escalates us through the mourning process --from fear to acceptance, with lyrics like,

I have no sorrow
If I’m glad, oh! let me show it

The upbeat melodies of Cut and Run and You Make Me Weak at the Knees, from the albums The Power Out and No Shouts, No Calls, takes the audience full circle as life’s obstacles are overcome. Here, we are reminded of the comedy and joy that life can bring.

“What Goes Up definitely benefitted from Electrelane’s musical contribution,” said James Hoke, executive producer with Three Kings Production. “Their songs, in many ways augmented the progression of the characters within the film. Director Jonathan Glatzer, who chose every track, really nailed it here.”

While there has been little heard from Electrelane since their hiatus in 2007, many die-hard fans have told us that it’s great to see them resurface again. When asked if they have any messages for their favorite band, one fan said "Yeah, we miss you!"

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