Monday, May 4, 2009

What Goes Up - Promotional Round-Up

Just as Campbell Babbitt (Steve Coogan) learns something from a group of high school students, the producers of What Goes Up are hoping to learn something from fans! And to do it, they are pleased to announce several upcoming and running promotions around the Web. All of them are designed to learn from and reward fans for their personal contributions to the theatrical release of What Goes Up.

What Goes Up: Facebook Group Contest

Recruit five friends to the What Goes Up Facebook Group and you could win a movie poster, signed by the executive producers. As the group grows, we'll be adding more prizes. For details, visit our Facebook event page. You must be a member of Facebook to participate.

What Goes Up: BlogCatalog Exclusive

Create your own promotional material — video, music, poster, shirt, banner, poem, craft, re-enactment, or whatever you can think of — for the film What Goes Up and post it on your blog. You could win DVDs, soundtrack CDs, and posters, all signed by various artists and members of the cast. For details, visit BlogCatalog. Must be a member of BlogCatalog to participate.

What Goes Up: Exclusive

Make something or do something that demonstrates you are an ultimate Hilary Duff fan and then share it on the forum and/or elsewhere on the Internet. You can do anything so use your imagination. For details, visit Must be a member of (and anyone under age 18 must ask for the permission of their parent or guardian).

Upcoming Promotions On The Horizon

The producers have two more promotions that will be announced later this week. One includes a grand prize to win two tickets plus airfare/hotel to attend the theatrical premiere in Los Angeles on May 28 (open to participants anywhere in the world). The second will be to win a one night public theatrical screening for your hometown plus ten tickets for friends (open to participants in the U.S. only). Stay tuned for details.

In addition to these promotions, there may be more surprises in the days ahead, including — Insider Team rewards for fans that range from signed movie posters to more tickets to attend the Los Angeles premiere (for those who live in the Los Angeles area). Several members of the cast will be at the Los Angeles premiere as well as the festival premiere this Friday.


  1. Cool!!! I already entered!

  2. Anon and Choco,

    Thanks. We really hope you have some fun with it. It seems to be working very well. We've had some very positive feedback, and the Facebook group is doing especially well.

    All our best,
    The Insider Team

  3. I'm s0o0o excited 4 Hilary's new movie 'what goes up'!! It's going 2 be AMAZING!! =]

  4. Hey #1 fan!

    We're seeing some pretty positive signs from some critics. We're looking forward to seeing some of these reviews come out.

    All our best,
    The Insider Team

  5. My name is Kory Davis and I am 19 years old! I was born and raised in Baton Rouge, LA a state that hilary has helped out with. I am the biggest hilary duff fan in the world. I drove 4 hours just to see WAR INC on the big screen. I own all of her movies including Human Nature which shes in for like 2 seconds. I have all of her CDs and currently listen to them everywhere I go. Hilary is a huge role model for me as she donated thousands of meals to help Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina and sang at relief concerts. I currently am in college and I' not afraid to Blast Hilary in the car when all my friends are the type of people who listen to rap and if they dont like Hilary playing in my car well then they can just walk to class or find someone else. The really crazy thing is for 2 years now Ive been chatting on myspace with someone who claims to be her. For 2 years almost every day. I followed her while she filmed what goes up(safety glass) and greta! so far everything leads to it really being her. Ive even talked with her on AIM for several hours. I just moved to Los Angeles from Lousiana to start film school. It would mean the world to me to get to attend the premiere of the film. You have no idea how much I love Hilary and her music and movies. I even created a fan myspace for her that i need to update!! LOL busy with classes! Im trying to get the word out though

    Check out my myspace

    Thank you very much,


  6. Thank you Kory. We will see you and your guest at the Premiere. :)

  7. Thank you so much once again!!!

    I can't wait!!!