Monday, May 25, 2009

BlogCatalog Contest Winners Announced

A few weeks ago, the producers of What Goes Up held an exclusive contest on BlogCatalog, which is leading social network for bloggers on the Internet. BlogCatalog members did not disappoint in developing several unique and creative promotional materials using a variety of media. See for yourself.

BlogCatalog/What Goes Up Contest Winners

First Place — "Countdown" by The Polybore Press

While the first place entry submitted by The Polybore Press was titled "What Goes Up Movie HD," the producers have been affectionately referring to it as the "Countdown" video since they first saw it (and thus, the name change). In addition to combining several elements from the film and BlogCatalog, the promotional video is driven by a portion of “Blue Straggler” by Electrelane, which is featured on the What Goes Up soundtrack.

The video first appeared on YouTube and then on the Polybore Press blog. It will be shown as a lead in to the film at the VIP premiere in Los Angeles.

Second Place — "What Goes Up Campaign" by Joren M.

The bus stop shelter is only the the beginning of this campaign. Joren has been busy introducing Holland to What Goes Up with promotional material ranging from small posters to bus stop shelter signage for the better part of a month.

In addition to promoting the movie across The Netherlands, his original treatments of signage, posters, single CD covers, and T-shirts have been shared across the Internet. You can see most of this campaign material featured here. Or, anywhere in Holland. Seriously!

Third Place — "Obi-Wan Kenobi" by Omar M.

Omar M., the 22-year-old who authors Random Nothingness, found himself entertaining a lifelong dream to create movie posters as he worked on his submission. And, according to his post, his submission was called "Obi-Wan Kenobi" because this is his "only hope. (ha!)" The producers appreciated how he adapted the title treatment arrows into the poster design.

Fourth Place — "Imaginary Book" by Meki.

Meki (also known as WagerWitch on BlogCatalog) has a hobby that includes creating fictional book covers for family and friends, and designed a future book cover for an adaption of the screenplay written by Jonathan Glatzer and Robert Lawson. Considering Meki had never seen the film, the producers thought it was intuitive to include the coffin about the title. You can see the work on the new The Choice Movie Reviewer too.

Fifth Place — "Joy is What Goes Up" by Footiam.

Footiam wrote a comparative contrast post that expressed his displeasure for price increases but hope for a future theatrical release of What Goes Up in Malaysia. "It is not simply a joy for Americans who will get to see the movie first but I do think it would be a joy for just anyone who gets the opportunity to watch the movie," he wrote.

Honorable Mention — "Flying Girls And Talking Dogs" by Tony H.

Although Tony didn't make the submission deadline, The Insider Team gave him an opportunity to finish his work on an animated Flash file. While quirky, it successfully presents a series of unexpected events. See for yourself.

Congratulations to everyone who participated!

These submissions will be permanently featured here and included along with art from other fans and promotions as a part of a production notebook being compiled by The Insider Team. Thank you for your continued support of the film that Pete Hammon rightly calls "darkly funny" and a "2009 sleeper."


  1. Jonathan & BobMay 25, 2009 at 9:37 PM

    We are utterly floored by how amazing these are!

    To have our themes and images re-mixed with such flair just blows our collective minds...

    Congrats to all. And thanks.

    Jonathan & Bob

  2. No - really - thank you guys.

    This was a blast to do, and a lot of fun getting involved.

    So thank you for allowing us, the general public, in on something so way cool.

  3. Wow! Thanks for letting us participate!

  4. Coool! I couldn't participate... don't have the bc it's a pity :(

    it's so nice the campaign on the bus stop loool

    i tried it once in bcn to promote a hilary duff CD.. but people just broke it T__T It was a lot of work ( because I made the posters with photoshoot by myself.... ) thrown away...

    but who knows, perhaps somebody bought it lol

  5. I hope I see the movie posters on bus stops here in the United States, in the cities where it will be opening on May 29th!
    One can only dream..