Monday, June 1, 2009 Contest Winners Announced

As a thank you to the members of for their early support, we hosted an exclusive contest for their members to win signed What Goes Up movie DVDs, soundtrack CDs, and posters. The contest asked members to make something connected to the film, fan forum, and otherwise demonstrate they were the ultimate Hilary Duff fans. Many of the entries captured their passion and creativity as ultimate fans. Goes Up Contest Winners

First — "Hilary Fan Video" by Nick

"We asked members of to make something or do something that demonstrates they are the ultimate fan and this entry clearly did that," said James Hoke, executive producer. "We thought it was amazing that his entire bedroom shows his love for her and he was willing to share it."

Second — "What Goes Up Calendar" by Marte T.

The producers felt that the full calendar demonstrated some exceptional design skills, and wove in the entire cast beautifully. To view the complete calendar, please visit the link here.

Third — "What Goes Up Online Magazine" by Ric

Hilary Duff Online has always been a graphically compelling site for Hilary Duff fans, but the What Goes Up online magazine (and lead-in to his Web site) is a remarkable summary of the film, including a statement from fans. Appreciated!

Fourth — "What Goes Up Fan Blog" by Rodolfo Gual Gurrola (Torreon, Mexico)

Rodolfo created a What Goes Up fan blog and showcased his collection of Hilary Duff memorabilia. You can read the blog here.

Fifth — "What Goes Up Banner" by Caroline K.

Artfully designed with an original look, Caroline presented a unique treatment for the movie poster. You can see it posted here and a larger version here.

Honorable Mentions

"Movie Poster" by Logan from Newark, Ohio

"Screen Saver/Power Point" by Josh

"Supporting Hilary" by Silvia C. (Mexcio)

"What Goes Up" poem by Angela M. (Toronto, Canada)

What makes a great movie?
Hilarious jokes that make up a comedy? members with their ongoing support that spread the news?
An excellent portrayal by an actor?
Those are just three things

Great movies aren't easy to come across
Oh my gosh, have I ever found an excellent one
Even though I love anything and everything Hilary Duff...
Something about this movie makes it all the more 'awesome'

Unless you're crazy...
Party up - What Goes Up rocks!

"Hilary Exclusively" by 28symptoms

These submissions will be permanently featured here and included along with art from other fans and promotions as a part of a production notebook being compiled by The Insider Team. A special thanks to the for allowing the contest and your continued support of the film that Pete Hammon of calls "darkly funny" and a "2009 sleeper."


  1. Congrats everyone!
    My fave is definitely the calendar and the entrance to the website (second and third place).
    Definitely a lot of talent!

  2. Congrats!!! god a calendar.. that must have been really hard and long to do.....

    you people are too creative lool

    as khizer said LOT OF TALENT!!!!! =P

  3. by the way!!! i envy nick !! you've got some of the posters that i've been loooking on the internet for agesssss!!!!!!! here in spain it's impossible to find them and on the net too U__U'


  4. Breaking News: What Goes Up opens in Brooklyn and Boston! More tomorrow!

  5. Hey how are you Insider?! Imf fine!!! Can you give me the awnser of my e-mails?!

  6. Of course we will. We had some urgent work to take care of, but we always answer emails tonight.

    The Insider Team