Wednesday, June 3, 2009

What Goes Up Adds Boston And Brooklyn

Shortly after respected critic Jeffrey Lyons (WNBC) backed What Goes Up on Lyons & Biles Reel Talk and said he liked the film, the executive producers of What Goes Up made the decision to announce the opening of two more screens on June 5.

The new cities, Boston and Brooklyn will be introduced as several screens in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York close on June 4.

Brooklyn, New York — Playing June 5 - June 11
Cobble Hill Cinemas
265 Court St
Brooklyn, NY 11231
Cobble Hill Theatre

Boston, Massachusetts — Playing June 5 - June 11
Somerville Theatre June 5 thru June 11
55 Davis Square
Somerville, MA 02144
617- 625-5700
Somerville Theatre

For a complete listing of times and locations for What Goes Up, please visit the current schedule.


  1. That is awesome. Is this on Youtube yet?
    Do you think it will keep expanding?

  2. I live in NYC. His review on the nbc news was more full and more positive. He didn't say nearly as much here on real talk, you should get the hook up on that review from the news... none of that stuck-up Biles either!

  3. wow!!!!!! that's good news!!! hope it sill expand more...

    any news about europe???

  4. where are the adds?

  5. Thats great that its opening in more theaters!
    Can you guys somehow make sure that the ´fresh´ reviews of What Goes Up be posted on (I hate seeing the movie with the grade it has)

  6. @Khizer We can hope!

    @Alexahh Thank you!

    @Tanta We'll be sourcing all the reviews eventually. We believe that if are to share them, we share them all. Right now, moviegoers who see the film are our most important reviewers.

    @HilDoMe Ask us toward the end of the month if we don;t announce something before then. I think we will have a great picture by then.

    @Anon Boston and Brooklyn.

    @Tato We'll certainly look into that. What we have noticed is that most theaters show increased attendance throughout the weekend (where most films drop off). That can only mean one thing ... the 60 percent positive from audiences is paying off! People know what to expect and like the film even more for it. :) Authenticity works.

    The Insider Team

  7. Um... why? Have you ever gone to another web site for a movie? They don't have the crappy reviews. I agree with the rotten tomatoes guy tato.

  8. Everyone who calls themselves a fan needs to go to RIGHT NOW and vote WGU a 10!!!

    It slipped from 7.6 to 5.6!

    I saw it in LA. Sooo good. My bro didn't want to go, but he ended up seeing it TWICE!!! Second time even better!

  9. sure I will :D keep on tracking every step loool

    hope we all get good news ^^

  10. @Tanto

    On the site, we agree. There is no question. On a two way communication vehicle, like a blog, if a balanced offering isn't provided then commenters are likely to provide it for you.

    @H4P Glad you liked it! Now that is the kind of review we need. Tell your friends. :)


    Me too. :)

    All my best,

    P.S. Soundtracks were delivered to our office today. Physical soundtracks must be on their way to stores!

  11. i'll have to buy it from ebay.. cause it will take too long for it to come to spain :)

  12. YES!! What Goes Up´s grade in rotten.. has gone up!! Cant wait to see the other great reviews posted!!

  13. How is the movie doing money wise? I don't see any numbers yet?